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story, d.c. will have a new mayor. 90% of 36 reporting, council chair vincent gray has defeated incumbent mayor adrian fenty in the democratic primary. gray came out here early this morning to declare victory. fenty's spokesman says he will concede the race. the primary victory in almost guarantees the results for greg. >> what is next for the new nominee, pamela brown? >> a busy night and busy morning at the washington corridor tel. a lot of enthusiastic supporters of vincent gray. gray has ousted mayor adrian fenty. a fenty spokesperson says that the mayor has conceded and that he will call vincent gray sometime soon. he was the youngest mayor and was a big backer of education. this was a referendum of controversial school chancellor michelle rhee, som said -- some say. vincent gray says that he wanted chancellor who worked with parents and teachers. he wants to bring character and integrity back to the mayor's office. despite a couple of jabs at mayor fenty, greg congratulate him for running a fierce campaign and asks the crowd to applaud his efforts. vincent gray will have a
-- >> there it is. it refreshed. adrian fenty has 1,841 votes, vincent gray has 1, 286 votes. i apologize, the computer keeps refreshing. we mentioned we don't know what parts of the city these are coming in but if we delve deeper we get a sense if you're going to pull apart these 3,000 votes where they're coming from. they're coming from wards 1, 2, 3 and 5, and right now no reporting from wards 4, 6, 7 or 8, that's just those 3,000 votes so a long way to go. but if you're going to pull it apart and micromanage it, a little metadata there, you can start doing it with that information. >> as you know, the polls closed roughly three hours ago soderint taking so long for results to come in. roby chavez is live with the d.c. board of elections to explain what the hold-up has been. roby. >> reporter: shawn, a big problem tonight, as you just mentioned, voting results have been very, very slow to come in. folks, as you can see here, have gathered at the d.c. board of elections waiting for elections, waiting for elections, and the problem tonight has been the new technology. they have new softw
gray will unseat adrian fenty. 90% increase since reporting, vincent gray has 53% of the vote. adrian fenty and conceded the race a few hours ago. >> we have live team coverage from both candidates headquarters. courtney robinson is following what is next for the fenty campaign, but we begin with pamela brown, following the man who will take the reins of the nation's capital. >> he spoke to a crowd early this morning at the washington corridor tel. he says is focus moving for is to bring district residents together, unites them, and create one city. his focus will be on community engagement and collaboration. he emphasized that reforms will continue with him at the helm, but he said there will be changes. he hinted that the school chancellor's days are over. he wants someone who will orix "with" teachers and parents. >> we want to restore your trust in city government. by being fiscally responsible, by bringing back transparency, and sending a message that the days of pay to play politics are over in the district of columbia. >> despite a couple of verbal jabs toward mayor fenty, vinc
in the race for the district's next mayor. it appears vincent gray will unseat adrian fenty after just one term. 90% increase ex reporting. vincent gray is claiming 53% of the vote. fenty called the nominee to concede the race. >> courtney robinson is following what is next for the fenty campaign. but we begin with pamela brown, following the man who will take the reins of the nation's capital. >> vincent gray will become washington's next mayor. speaking early this morning grace said that his goal is to bring the residents of washington d.c. together to create "one city." his focus will be on community investment and collaboration. reforms will continue with him, but that there will be some changes. schools chancellor michelle rhee's days are numbered. he wants someone who will work with teachers and parents. his goal is to bring character and integrity back to the mayor's office, he says. >> we will work to restore your trust in city government. being fiscally responsible, bringing back transparency, sending a message that the days of pay to play politics are over in the district. >> des
fenty and vincent gray. there also choosing candidates to run for council chair and other seats. in prince george's county, the race to watch is the race for county executive. we are getting reports of voting problems across the region. we have complete team coverage with brianne carter monitoring issues in prince george's county, and pamela brown has the fight to deficient in d.c.'s may laurel race. >> good afternoon. the long, contentious d.c. mayoral primary race culminates today. voters have been piling into the polling stations, including this one behind me. both vincent gray and mayor adrian fenty have been out trying to break in as many last minute votes as possible before the stations close tonight. just after doors opened in southeast d.c., vincent gray made his final pitch. >> i am the only candidate who has set forward exactly what i would do as mayor in terms of education, economic development, public safety, and the public trust. >> vincent gray has held a steady lead. >> the polls have been all over the place. we have paid more attention to the campaign we wanted t
at 14% that it had not made up their mines between fenty and vincent gray. the mayor got started early this morning. he went to the sharp health school on 13th street in northwest and to cast his ballot. >> i voted early. two weeks ago. >> yes. >> and -- who did you vote for for mayor? he needs another chance. >> it's against. >> reporter: think he can do that for you. >> my gut tells me we're going to win because of turnout and from what i see from exit and entry polls at the stops i made. >> informal, unscientific? >> yeah, informal unspecific but i am an expert at elections. we will know in a few hours whether people will buy into results and the apologies and fenty will celebrate a victory or weather the city will see the end of an era. brian? >> -- live at the fenty headquarters and this is a point in the show where we would go to the sin vent -- vincent gray headquarters and we're having technical problems. as soon as we can get that up and ready to g we'll check in with wisdom martin who is following vincent gray all day long. in the meantime, who is going to replace vincent gra
. >> the whole purpose of the campaign is to get as many votes as humanly possible. >> challenger vincent gray trying to hold onto his momentum. >> we want this to be a civil orderly process. >> tonight the drama builds and the pace intensifies as the race for d.c.'s mayor enters the homestretch. the final days of the campaign for d.c. mayor are gettingly and the candidates are taking jabs at -- getting ugly and the candidates are taking jabs at each other as they sprint towards the finish line. >> we are one week from election day and with council chairman vincent gray way ahead in the polls adrian fenty is doing everything he can to hold onto his seat. it appears now both are pulling out the stops, not just on the campaign trail, but also on the web. >> some people say adrian fenty has turned his back on district residents. as his former deputy chief of staff, i can say they're right. >> reporter: a jab at mayor adrian fenty with testimonials from former fenty supporters and staffers front and center on his opponent vincent gray's website. >> some people say mayor adrian fenty is not inclusi
build one city. thank you all very much. >> the results are finally in. vincent gray beat out adrian fenty to win the democratic primary in the d.c. mayor's race. good morning. thanks f joining us for news 4 today. >> good morning to you on this wednesday, the 15th of september 2010. live look outside. 67 degrees. let's see wther we will have a really nice day today. >> looks like it so far. tom is here with the forecast. >> sunrise still 50 minutes away. it's beginning later and later. and this morning we have chilly temperatures to talk about under the clear sky. 63 at national airport. mid-50s in prince george's. much of fairfax county. of of montgomery county. low 50s. loudon and frederick, as well as into northern virginia. weather watchers reportg only near 50. west of the blue ridge, a little bit warmer. winchester, 58. rural areas, only in the 40s to near 50. eastern shore, mid-50s under a clear sky. lots of sunshine as high pressure is moving in. highs reaching near 80. tomorrow, increasing clouds. blustery, southerly wind should warm us to the low to mid-80s. needed rain th
volume from the fair oaks, center vil and beyond. >> thanks, jerry. >> vincent gray has been named the winner of the democratic mayoral primary. >> reporter: what he will talk about is the future and what happens as he contues his campaign. there is still a general election arou the corner. as it stands, gray is the democratic party's nominee. he has won most of the vote. there was a celebration a few hours ago as they showed him winning 53% of the vote. gray's support of predominantly afcan-american of t season i city carried the candidate. he woman ward 7 council seat in twur 2004, chairman spot in 2006, and now is preparing to be mayor. >> i know well that he shares our commitment to this city. please join me in applauding him. >> reporr: november 2nd that's the general election. but, again, there could be a write-in candidate between now and then. for now there is major celebration for e gray camp. tracee wilkins, live in northwest. back to you all in the studio. >> thanks very much. >>>ayor adrian fenty left his headquarters without conceding victory to vincent gray. elaine re
to support the democratic nominee, vincent gray. >> rule it out completely? >>well, i have 106 days, he has four years. starting january 2nd. i am excited about the future of the city. i think the city will keep moving forward. >> to follow up, how is this affecting you personally today? you and your family? >> that is a great question. i go into these things with not expecting anything. for me, it is the beginning of the end of a great ten-year run. i will be 40 in december. that means that i will have spent a quarter of my life as an elected official in the city i was bor and raced in. i would have to be a complete idiot and fool to not see mself as blessed, to have served so many, and contributed so much. >> are you considering the r for the -- >> i tried to state that, i will do it more directly. no. i do not plan to involved in electoral politics. as i saw some of my coordinators, before i was an elected city council member, i was president of the civic association in my neighborhood. i did that in probably six months to a ye after buying my house in d.c. i believe in civic participat
are very encouraged by that. they think that means that vincent gray wasn't able to get his vote out in 7, 8 and perhaps even ward five. they think that is a big boost for the mayor. the other thing, special ballots. thousands upon thousands of special ballots have been generated because of the new rules that brittany has been talking about. so that also posed a problem here. as for what is going on, they seem confident and here is what we heard just a short time ago from some of the people gathered outside the headquarters. are you confident he's going to win this thing? >> i can't be positive. i sure hope so. he surely earned it. >> he's done a wonderful job with the school system. grades have gone up. we've got new parks. we've got new rec centers. >> reporter: what is your gut feeling tonight? does he pell it out? >> i feel -- pull it out? >> i feel good. although there is a low turnout, i've been looking for spirit. i feel good. i think he's going to pull it out. he deserves another four years and we're here to support him. >> reporter: for the most part they're encouraged here. a l
. vincent gray beat mayor fenty. eichhorn -- sam ford has details from both camps. >> we are outside the d.c. board of elections, which last night declared vincent gray the winner over adrian fenty. there are some questions. clearly, vincent gray said he is not going to make any personnel announcements until he is actually elected in november. it was 1:30 this morning when vincent gray was finally able to declare victory. >> it is time we come together as one city. >> to a crowd who had no sympathy towards the loser, adrian fenty. they sang, "hey, hey, good- bye." >> we willingly accept the vote of the majority. as i said, we made a lot of tough political decisions. >> among them was the choice of schools chancellor michelle rhee, who is very unpopular with much of gray's base. no one would be surprised if he leaves -- she leaves. said he wants to bridge the divide. >> there were a lot of people who voted for me and a lot of people who did not vote for me. >> i really thought the we were on a forward moving trend, and i feel we are stepping back to the marion barry era. >> i am a little bi
, adrian fenty seems at peace with the outcome while vincent gray says he is humbled and thankful. fox 5's laura evans here now with today's developments on that race. >> after months of campaigning, negative ads and animosity the two appear to be playing nice agreeing to work together on a smooth transition. council chairman vincent gray soundly defeated adrian fenty yesterday 53-46% and today gray thanked voters emphasizing he will be inclusive as mayor. he will hold weekly press conferences and he talked about ways he plans to bring unity to the district. >> we'll probably do a series of town hall meetings so that we can hear from people and not just democrats, that we can hear from republicans and independents because frankly, i believe in my heart in one city. >> meanwhile the outgoing mayor not quite sure what the future holds for him. in a gathering with supporters today at his campaign headquarters adrian fenty says doesn't see elected office in his immediate future, but he also didn't rule it out. the mayor says he will remainive in his community and look forward to -- remain acti
. >>> the battle in the d.c. mayor's race has been fierce. the incumbent mayor and vincent gray face-off for the democratic nomination. pamela brown is live in southeast with the grueling fight to the finish. good morning. >> that's right. the long fight in the mayoral race culminates today. both top candidates will be out in full force. they're trying to get every last vote. the polls close at 8:00 tonight. as the clock ticks down, the top two candidates have been pounding the pavement all over d.c., is in their efforts to jockey the vote. >> the most important decision to be made is who is the best person to move this city through the next four years and the challenges we face, education, jobs, housing? i am the best person to do that. >> vincent gray has steadily been a hit in the polls. voters believe he is an electable guy. >> he exudes a genuine love for the city. >> fenty supporters say even though a he is the underdog, they are confident you'll pull it did today with a big turnout. >> we want tim tooten. >> fenty is confident he will prevail and end "he's done for the city th
at the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> vincent gray has toppled mayor adrian fenty in the democratic primary. the race for d.c. mayor. with 90% of the precincts reporting, gray won with 53% of the vote to fenty's 46%. >> this pretty much guarantees gray will be the next mayor of d.c. since there is no republican running in november's general election. matt ackland joins us live from the board of elections in northwest with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. you know, a lot of people stayed up very late last night and into the morning here in the district hoping to find out who the next mayor would be. the board of elections behind me is being criticized for taking extra time, several hours, to release some of the results. but by 2:00 in the morning this morning, it and we had a winner and he took the stage. let's take to some video. vincent gray walked out in front of his supporters at a local hotel at union station with 90% of the precincts reporting. gray told the crowd of supporters that it is now time for all district residents to put aside their dif
council chair vincent gray by 17 percentage points even toe residents say they do like what the mayor has done with and in the city. this past monday, early voting for registered voters started at the board of elects and it continues and four more early voting centers will open tomorrow. it appears though that the candidates think women voters could be a deciding factor as both have put women in visible places within their respective campaigns. vincent gray was courting rotors the home court of mary chai who endorses the politic wholeheartedly. >> vince gray is progressive, he is reformist. >> reporter: meanwhile, people are still talking about mayor fenty's wife and her emotional display after wednesday's debate at the newseum. >> the politic of fear that going back somewhere vince gray is progressive, he is reformist. >> obviously, that was the wrong bite there. but you probably recall if you've been following this that at the newseum, mayor fenty's wife wife who is usually not seen a lot in public was there at the debate and afterwards she commented on what she thought was the attacks
-- pouring says that there is a lever against vincent gray. we have live coverage of the 2010 vote. we will start with the d.c. bureau chief who is live out there. >> with this music blasting and these people dancing, i thought i was in a disco. they are obviously very happy people so far. they're hoping for a gray victory tonight. folks were passing out literature and waving gray signs. they're hoping for results that will help confirm the polls. >> based on our own modeling, it turned out about where we thought it would be. we feel very good about turnout in some of our strong areas. and we feel good about our ability to get out our own vote, even in the mayor's strong areas. i think we will be very competitive. >> one of the problems with polls in d.c. is that they are sometimes wrong. i still remember the 94 -- the 1994 election when marion barry won the race. they're hoping the polls are right this time. there were problems at various polling places. keep the pollsto open for an extra two hours. but a judge ruled against it. reporters are waiting for results. >> keep us posted. ev
of this primary tonight. we're going to start with wisdom martin, live at vincent gray's headquarters tonight. wisdom, i know we have no numbers, but how's it going. >> reporter: vincent gray has been doing campaigning. he's been out campaigning all day long, continuing to get his message out there, that he's the man this city has to change, he's the man bringing people together being a more inclusive leader. that's his message, all about education and financial reform. that's what he's continuing to get out to voters throughout the day as he continues to campaign. joining us live right now is a man -- actually, he's a senior advisor for vincent gray. thanks for joining us. how are things going right now. i know you don't have any numbers right now but how are you feeling right now. >> this is the worst moment in a campaign because you're sitting there waiting to hear something. we feel good and cautiously optimistic. it's been a long campaign, but i think every measure that we've set for ourselves we've hit along the way, and vincent's out there today hustling for every last vote he could ge
will be crisscrossing the city. locals open at 7:00 this morning. vincent gray will get on the center on alabama avenue. he's expected to make a stop and go to several other polling centers before the close at 8:30 tonight. adrian fenty will be on 13th street in northwest. he will make several stops as well. both candidates have been giving one last bid to get out the vote. vincent gray has been leading. some of his supporters say that he is an electable guy. adrian fenty has been pushing his track record of accomplishment to voters over the past four years. the pope's that -- he is hoping that will help them prevail. back to you. >> thank you. >>> besides the mayor's race, d.c. voters will choose candidates for council chair and and at large council seat. council seats ford's 1, 3, 5, 6. -- wards. >>> incumbent democrat martin o'malley is expected to get his party's nomination in maryland and he would replace bob ehrlich. monday he received an endorsement from the arizona senator john mccain and attorney brian murphy has the support of sarah palin. race for prince george's county executive will take
. vincent gray has launched a new website and is targeting disillusioned fenty supporters. >> some people say adrian fenty has turned his back on district residents. i can say they are right. >> he is one of many former members of the fenty administration who say they agree fenty has turned his back on the community. this is all part of vincent gray's strategy to woo voters over to his side. he is claiming the underdog. early voting ballots show fenty has a slight advantage over vincent gray. he thinks he will bring it home on election day. there are many early voting locations. so many reporters have gone into a verbal exchanges. both candidates are asking their supporters to tone it down. they say it is a bad reflection on them. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> the illegal immigrant accused in a drunk driving crash that killed a none has been indicted. carlos martinelly-montano crossed a median and struck a car that was carrying three nuns. sister jeanette marie mosier was killed. montano been charged twice before with drunk driving. >>> the employment authorization document.
: it was a lovefest by supporters and council colleagues. as vincent gray stepped forward to thank the people who made him the nominee. >> i want you to know how humbled i am with the victory last night. and with the trust that has been invested in me by the voters. [ applause ] >> reporter: fresh off of his win, he viewed to be inclusive, promised to hold town hall meetings to find out what citizens want. supporters, including some union leaders, see new hope and like the tone gray is setting. >> what we vex picturation about -- expectations about is we will be included in decisions in this city. >> we were excluded for four years. >> gray said he won't be turning back the clock on school reform and refused to say whether he would keep or fire the school's chancellor michelle rhee and is making personnel decisions after the general election. >> my understanding is chancellor rhee made statements already that she could only work for this mayor. i don't know if it matters what we think. clearly there does need to be a transition. >> reporter: vince gray said he got an early-morning phone call from mayo
. here's a quick rundown of what you need to know. vincent gray will be the district's next mayor. he beat mayor fenty. in prince georges county baker is declaring victory in the county executive race but no official reports result. and nationwide, at least two key wince for the conservative tea party movement. again the top headline is a shake-up in the district. vincent gray rode a wave of discontent of victory in the democratic primary. with 90% of the precincts counted, gray grabs 53% of the vote. fenty got 45%. kristin fisher has more on the race that didn't end until four hours ago. kristin? >> i know. crazy. this race wasn't called until around 2:00 this morning and gray didn't even stand up to give his victory speech until a half hour later. so a very late night for everyone involved. for all of the campaign workers here at his headquarters to the candidate himself [cheering and applause] vince gray took the stage around 2:30 this morning at his primary night headquarters. the washington hotel. this victory virtually assures that gray will be the city's next mayor. he face tho
or vincent gray will be taking over. pamela brown is live in southeast with the fight to the finish. good morning. >> good morning. if today is official primary voting day. election officials say that 22,000 people have already voted. they are expecting a turnout of 55% today. both top candidates will be allowed in full force crisscrossing the city, trying to get every vote they can. the top two candidates for d.c. mayor has been pounding the pavement oliver d.c. charles's in their efforts to get people voting. >> the most important decision to be made is who is the best person to lead the city the next four years. dealing with education, jobs, housing. i am the best person to do that. >> vincent gray has been ahead in recent polls of steadily, but supporters think it comes down to the fact he is a likable guy. >> he is a people person with a genuine love for the city. he exudes that. >> fenty supporters say that they are confident he will pull ahead today with a big voter turnout. fenty is confident he will prevail and then end -- will prevail in the end. >> it is a long campaign and it
on a lunch van, i will be right here. >> workers for adrian fenty's campaign say voter told them vincent gray supporters offered to them a giant discard for a ride to and from an early voting sites. grace as he does not know who's behind the scheme. >> we have run a campaign based on character, integrity, and leadership. >> adrian fenty says it would be a flagrant violation of the law. the board of elections and u.s. attorney's office are looking into the matter. the washington post reports that cora masters barry is claiming responsibility for offering a gift cards. >>> it is a good morning for redskins fans. >> fans are jubilant this morning. the redskins defeated bitter rivals, dallas cowboys. late last night is when it's finished. >> there's a flag down a 20 yard line. >> the cowboys were charged with holding on the final play of the game. the redskins came out the winners. final score, 13-7. a big effort. good for us. 61 degrees right now. >> still ahead, braxton from last night's big game over dallas. -- reaction from last night's game. >> goes to lady gaga. >> we will show you some of
in just a minute. we want to talk about what vincent gray has done. short time ago he filed a form all complaint with the -- formal complaint with the board of elections. he wants them to extend the hours for voting tonight from 8:00 until 9:00, 10:00, the board will decide. he's made that formal request because of the problems they have had with voting machines throughout the day in some 15 precincts they have had problems with the sample ballots, with the paper ballots, with the touch screens and vincent gray is concerned because it's city wide that there might be a serious problem and that a lot of people may have left the polling place without voting. vincent gray has submitted a letter to the board of elections and ethics asking them to extend the hours tonight past that 8:00 p.m. deadline. let's hear from vincent gray and we have got the mayor responding to that. >> we are simply trying to make sure that in the city that is uniquely disenfranchised that people have the opportunity to vote. we don't want people to be discouraged. those who want to vote in this election should have
go? will vincent gray in line to be the next may of d.c., school chancellor michelle rhee addresses her future. good morning, thanks for joining us for "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs. today i trsday. it is the 16th day of sepmber 2010. let's take a live look outside this morning. we have some clouds above us right now. nice day at 66 degrees. going to get warm, too. here's tom. >> a southerly breeze will increase this afternoon, that will sweep in some warmth and get us into the mid 80s probably by midternoon. then a front moves in fromhe midwest and looks like it may trigger some showers in the mountains by midafternoon. shenandoah valley by perhaps late afternoon, and here inthe metro area after sunset. so thankfully much-needed rain coming our way. let's look at temperatures now. it's off to a pleasant start on this thursday morning. we're in the low 60s in the suburbs and rural areas. upper 60s in washington. and right near the water, only in the 50s though in western maryland and much of west virginia, eastern shore mid 60s. and right at the beach, it's near 70.
vincent gray are going full throttle tonight with just eight days until the primary. wisdom martin with the latest. >> the candidates took to the streets to catch up with people who were at home for the holiday. >> i say we shouldn't be working on labor day. >> reporter: the labor day holiday means work forc. appear candidates for mayor. -- for d.c.'s candidates for mayor. council chair vince gray spent part of his afternoon meeting with a group ofc. teachers. >> educators are -- of d.c. teachers. >> educators are hopeful vincent gray will walk the talk. we feel very strongly that he will. >> i think we have one of the worst education systems in the nation. >> reporter: gray discussed his plan for education reform that includes being more inclusive. >> we want to hear from everybody, parents, teachers, administrators and even though every decision might want go the way the people want it to go, i think they will feel like they've been heard and been respected in the process. >> on to victory! >> reporter: earlier in the day current mayor adrian fenty rallied outside the rec center
would be and they are finding out this morning that vincent gray actually is the winner of this primary election. but boy t took some time. the polls closed at 8:00 last night. we thought we were going to see some results an hour, maybe two hours afterwards but things came in slowly. the board of elections is being criticized for taking its time. we wanted to take you to the celebration. this all took place right around 2:00 a.m. this morning. vincent gray walking up in front of supporters to thank them for everything. we should give you some numbers here. 90% of the precincts reporting. vincent gray got about 59,285 votes. grey told his supporters it is now time for everyone to come together, all district resident to come together after this long campaign and work towards one city. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> and there were other primary contests in several maryland counties. >> including the one in prince george's county where stacy cohan is this morning outside the county administration building. >> reporter: good morning. the county administration building as you well know i
conference, he thanked his supporters and said he will now get behind vincent gray, the man who soundly beat him in the democratic primary. paul wagner picks up the team coverage. >> reporter: adrian fenty declined to critique his campaign saying instead that the people spoke and he lost fair and square n. front of a small group of supporters, fenty smoke spoke without bitterness, saying he looked forward to helping gray get started. adrian fenty was all smiles as he greeted supporters and campaign workers at his georgia avenue headquarters, hours after losing to vincent gray he spoke positively about the city's future. >> i respect the democratic process and to me it would be overstepping my bounds to say as the incumbent mayor, i think the democratic nominee should do this or that and in fact, i'm here to support him. >> reporter: mayor fenty said he has had a great 10-year run in elected office and it's time to do something else. what that is, he wouldn't say. >> i feel like i have put everything in to it. i was excited to serve the city for four more years and it was not to be. that was
to the hospital. police say no one was seriously hurt. >>> big change coming to the nation's capital, vincent gray now preparing to take the helm as mayor of the district. he won the democratic primary nomination defeating incumbent adrian fenty by a 53-45% margin. there is no challenger in the general election, so it appears it is his post, but before getting down to business there were the thank yous and the concessions. fox 5's laura evans joins us with today's developments. >> reporter: a long night giving way to a very busy day. adrian fenty conceding t, vincent gray looking ahead laying out some of his plans for the future. so what does the future hold for the outgoing d.c. mayor? fenty says he's done with politics for now. [ applause ] >> reporter: the morning after his stinging loss mayor adrian fenty who just four years ago won all precincts thanked his supporters and said he will get behind vincent gray. no bitterness, no talk of regret, only positive words for the city's future. >> i really respect the democratic process. to me it would be overstepping my bounds to say as the incumbent
, mainly it shows the lead by vincent gray has grown over the last three weeks since the last poll was taken. it also shows if there's a high black voter turnout, fenty could lose this election. even so, both candidates are still fighting hard. the latest poll is more good news for vincent gray, whose lead has grown since august in the latest poll. it is the third poll in a week to put gray on top, but there is still no clear-cut winner. >> it's clear that we are -- our message is getting out across the city, that people are supporting us. the other message is for those who are working on our campaign, and that is keep working hard. >> reporter: adrian fenty did not make himself available for an interview tonight but issued a statement saying, quote, the only numbers that matter is the count when the polls close on election day. we are out on door steps every day getting our message out to as many voters as we can. >> i think it's going to be really close at the end. i've been reading a little bit about the polls, and but i just think things will tighten up at the end. >> reporter:
and vote tomorrow and both adrian fenty and vincent gray are fielding accusations about buying. >> reporter: in the wind, what is noticeable, the difference in style. fenty saying votes are what i have done, not for who i am. >> crime's down, education is up. services have never been stronger. >> reporter: vincent gray, the consensus building council chairman is stalling for votes surrounded by security. >> do you have security? >> yeah. >> do you think it's necessary? >> people have convinced me because of the behaviors at other events during the campaign. >> reporter: and then there is fenty ride alone in his smart car with no trailing police detail. there is that phone camera video that shows gray supporters trying to lure voters to the polls with $10 gift cards. >> i think when the board of elections referred it to the state attorney's office, i think they did the right thing. i will let them investigate it. this is an effort to get voters out to vote. >> reporter: the first lady barry has acknowledged the role in the gift card giving. she said it was a unity effort to get out the vote
is in the newsroom with today's developments. >> mayor adrian fenty and challenger council chair vincent gray are facing off again grilled on the radio and later got testy with each other at a forum in georgetown. a brief but friendly exchange between two candidates in the middle of a bitter battle against each other. incumbent adrian fenty, challenger vincent gray interviewed on wtop radio friday, but when they got behind the microphone, accusations flew. >> and there's no evidence despite the denials of the spokesperson for the mayor's campaign, there is evidence that this man went down and registered that day and voted that day. >> reporter: gray is talking about a young man who says someone in the fenty camp promised him a paid job if the young man would vote for fenty. gray is now calling for an fbi investigation. mayor fenty is dismissing the whole thing. >> one driver who was unnamed may have said to somebody hey, if you come to vote with me, maybe you'll get a job. that person didn't have authority to even offer it let alone whether we know he did it. >> reporter: fenty was also grill
hours after mayor adrian fenty loses to challenger vincent gray. we had every development in the race. jay korff has why michelle rhee says she is partly to blame for fenty's loss. >> vincent gray and michelle rhee said it will sit down and talk about her future. tonight, we caught up with michelle rhee at an event that applauded her work, in part, and she admitted she was a factor in the mayor losing. chancellor michelle rhee's appearance for the d.c. premiere of "waiting for superman" could not have been more ironic, showcasing the work of those within the system. >> are most of the kids getting inappropriate education? >> with her hard-charging style, including firing hundreds of teachers and closing schools, prove to be a political liability for her boss, mayor adrian fenty. even michelle rhee admits that she cost mayor fenty votes. am i was very clear what the mayor early on that the reforms we were taking on what caused consternation. >> mayor fenty calls michelle rhee's accomplishments a high point of his term. >> she will be the ultimate decider of her own personal future. >>
and battling for his political life against council chair vincent gray. fenty and his wife michelle sat down for an interview why their home with our own bruce johnson. bruce, what can you tell us? >> if he loses, it's the biggest political collapse. and this wouldn't take place if he was up by 17 points. but he said he get it's and he can change. a lot of people don't like his governing style but he insists he's kept his problems to up the test scores and fix the school buildings and get other things done. >> i'm hearing people describe my husband using adjectives that are absolutely shocking. >> arrogant, stubborn? >> absolutely. it's very painful. >> i believe this perception that anybody can just come in and run the city effectively and they will be a little bit nicer and city won't miss a beat and it couldn't be further from the truth. >> i think everyone gets my husband now. i think they know he focuses on results and when you're moving a thousand miles an hour, there isn't much time for subtle conversation. and so he hasn't reached out. >> and this time i'm saying, we understand. we h
democrat adrian fenty and vincent gray are running on fumes and they trying to rack up undecided votes. at this hour on that southwest waterfront, fenty getting an endorsement in the southeast from the go go community. it started during the morning rush hour for the mayor and on the corner of georgia avenue and missouri. it's ward 4 and fenty hoping to hold on. the challenger is in front by seven points. the council chairman turned up. most showed up. mayor fenty missed the rally and his people said that he was out campaigning elsewhere and he did turn up early on the board of elections -- elections on this last day of early voting. >> i'm going to campaign and ask people to vote because of the great record that we have been able to put together the past four years. whoever has the best manager and record, should win the elect. >> we're out touching people and talking to people. i came here for the democratic state committee rally and we're going to get out and talked to people. >> both candidates dubbed by accusations of possible vote buying by su
fenty and council chairman vincent gray and this week, both will sit down with our bruce johnson for candid conversations about their candacecys. that will begin tonight with dc mayor fenty and his wife michelle an here's a preview. -- and here's a preview. >> everything he's ever done is for his community. this is his city. >> that was michelle fenty last week as she was pulled in to her husband's interview following a debate with challenger vincent gray an his response. >> well you may not like me but at least i'm getting results. >> reporter: the 40-year-old's mother of three had been nearly invisible on the campaign stage as mayor fenty was pummeled by critics in the pollster. >> i'm hearing people describe my husband using adjectives that are absolutely shocking. >> arrogant, stubborn. >> absolutely. it's just very painful. >> the fenty home in ward 4 that many say the democratic primary will be decided. michelle fenty, a lawyer appeared to move front and center in the campaign. >> i'd like to say something. i'd like to say something. when i read this it was heart breaking t
el plan de s concejal vincent gray, quie se postula como candidato a la alcaldia, resalta la percepcion de que el actual alcalde adrian y prespo vivenen la cadena de television diery puestos de trabajo en silr spring, casi a la semana de que un hombre descontento con la programacion tomara tres rehenes antes de ser abatido por la policia...james jay lee ingreso a de la policia le quitara la vida. washngton hoy dio un importante aso pa dearrollar un a anteriormente descuidada y que en el futuro podria convertirse en un polo de desarrollo de primer orden y de turismo..alfredo mirand tinuevo centro de esparcimiento y recreacion llamado the yards. un ambicioso proyecto que fue inaugurado con la presencia de autoridades municipales de washington. a medida que caminamos este río, el tiempo en el que podamos ver diferentes tipos de actividades acuáticas en el río anacostia, llegara en un futuro no muy lejano. el para la construccion del parque. la iniciativa de revitalizar las orillas del rio anacostia es un proyec
. >> this year mayor fenty extended meter hours to raise revenue. but his likely successor vincent gray said he will reconsider that because it has angered so many people. >> you have to leave early. >> i would think twice about coming down here if i had to pay for parking. >> a new street, for example, one side of this meter says two-hour parking until 10:00 p.m., but on the other side, no time limit after 6:30. a sign suggesting a two-hour limit right over a meter machine that says four hours. >> let me ask you, is it two hours or four hours? >> i don't know. >> i would probably bank on the two hours so you don't get a ticket. >> vdot changed the program so you wouldn't have to interrupt dinner or a show to put money in the meter. vincent gray's people tell me how do you come up with $6 million in lost parking meter revenue. in georgetown, greta kreuz. >>> a lot more ahead. coming up, redskins fans are reeling after a last-minute loss. we'll have the highlights and low lights from the nail-biter at fed ex field. >>> after a year in captivity, a hiker is set free. sarah shourd says she is only
with it. god will make them pay for this. >> vincent gray has called for them to stop and he says adrian fenty should do the same. there's been no evidence to support the claims. >>> a d.c. council aide, phil mendelson, is being challenged in the democratic primary by michael brown, who has the same name as another d.c. councilman. critics accuse brown of trying to [unintelligible] >> it has been a week since the alaska republican primary. late last night the incumbent senator lisa murkowski conceded the race to joe miller. allegis officials began countin -- election officials began counting the ballots on tuesday. >>> the waiting game continues for virginians needing to get driver's licenses. there's no word on when the dmv computer problems will be fixed. virginia state police will not take any action against diverse as licence expired between august 25 and september 30, for now. it is 74 degrees. >>> a washington post reporter suspended after a fake tweet. he says it was a misguided test. >>> a check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. you are watchinig "good morning washington
endorsed the mayor. a recent poll shows him still trailing vincent gray 13 points among registered democrats. , the top's a warning u.s. commander in afghanistan says a florida preacher's plan to burn the qur'an threatens the lives of all americans. evil.lam is of the dou >> rev. terry jones plans to burn copies of the book to mark the 9/11 incident. >> it puts our soldiers in jeopardy very likely. images of such an activity could be used by extremists. >> protesters have already filled the streets in afghanistan, some even throwing rocks at u.s. military convoy. national christian organizations have denounced the plan as well. jones is planning to hold the event as scheduled. >>> four columns from the world trade center are being permanently installed today at the entrance of the september 11 museum. the museum is being built next to a memorial. >>> it is a big week for president obama. unveiling plans to revitalize the economy. a new poll shows that he has plenty of ground to make up with voters. that could mean trouble for the president's party. john hendren reports from abc. >>
that saturday a voter told them that supporters of the vincent gray offered him a 10- dollar giant gift cards for ride to and from the site. fenty supporters on with a video recorder went for an investigation into what the campaign is calling a sting operation. for supporters of adrian fenty confronts an unidentified woman and asks where she can get a gift cards. >> you, going to buy lunch if you get in our van. fromere's no evidence this state that a card was ever exchanged. there's a second video. adrian fenty supporters are claiming to speak with a gray person. >> we are -- >> people are looking into the matter. >> they were notified from someone in our campaign looking for his pay off for having his votes. >> vincent gray facility had no idyllic lives beyond the alleged ride to the polls scheme. >> we have run a campaign based on character, integrity, and leadership. we have done and everything possible to ensure the integrity of our campaign. >>> new developments in the race for prince george's county executive. yesterday the kern county executive jack johnson announced he is endorsing m
in the district are looking forward to the future now that voters have chosen new mayor. vincent gray and current mayor adrian fenty are both expected to be at a democratic unity breakfast this morning. many are wondering whether the change in powe will bring a change in the schools chancellor position. news 4's elaine reyes joins us live from the newsroom. she has more on this. good morning, elai. >> good morning, joe. neither side is saying much. vincent gray wants to get past the november general election before making any personnel decisions. and schools chancello michelle rhee is continuing to make her decision based on the current school year. education was a major campaign issue for both gray and fenty. the mayor's choice as chancellor and the reform of the school system didn go over very well with much of the electorate. so the big question asked during all the post-election news conferences yesterday, will michelle rhee stay or go? she called the electio results a significant change in direction, but vowed to work with both chairman gray and fenty. >> we'renot going to be turning back an
. the new poll shows vincent gray ahead by seven points. robey chavez has more. >> reporter: the latest poll is more food news for vincent gray. it is the third poll in a week to put gray on top but there is still no clear-cut winner. >> it is clear that our message is getting out across the city that, people are supporting us. the other message is for for those whooshing on our campaign and that is keep working hard. >> reporter: adrian fenty did not make himself available for an interview but issued a statement saying, quote, the only numbers that matter is the count when the polls close on election day. we are out on doorsteps every day getting our message out to as many voters as we can. >> i think it will be really close at the end. i've been reading a little bit about the polls and i think things will tighten up at the end. >> reporter: for now, the poll does make one thing clear. it is a city still deeply divided between black and white voters. fenty leads gray among white voters by a wide 68% margin. >> i have seen improvements in the city since he has been elected. i know his person
. he is expected to survive. the shooter is still on the loose. >>> d.c. council chair vincent gray is preparing to take the helm as mayor of the district. he won by a 53 to 45% margin. there is no challenger in the general election so it appears it is his post. mayor fenty says he is done with politics for now. laura evans has more. >> reporter: the morning after his stinging loss, mayor adrian fenty, who just four years ago won all pictures, thanked his supporters and said he will get behind vincent gray. no bitterness, no talk of regret, only positive words for the city's future. >> i really respect the democratic process. to me, it would be overstepping my bound to say as the incumbent mayor that i think the democratic no, ma'am should -- nominee should do this or do that. i'm here to support him and when he thinks. >> reporter: mayor fenty said he has had a great 10-year run in elected office and now it is time to do something else. what that is he wouldn't say. >> i feel like i put effect into it. i was fully prepared and excited to serve the city for four more years but it wa
topper is tracking a big drop in temperatures. >>> also vincent gray, the one-on-one interview. >>> and we begin with that late breaking news out of dc where a car hit two pedestrians and then slammed into a restaurant. >> our gary nurenberg spoke with some witnesses. he joins us live now from northwest. gary. >> reporter: we're in the busy adams morgan section at the town and the sometimes confusing intersection of 18th, florida and vernon. these two pedestrians let me show you where they were hit. there is a median. that's where the two women were. this couple heard the screeching of tires and looked up to see the car turning on to florida from 18th. >> it appeared that the car was trying to avoid another car that was coming i think across florida avenue. the driver of the silver car lost control of the car, jumped the curb, hit two pedestrians and then crashed into the restaurant. >> reporter: those two pedestrians are women in their 20s. >> they were traumatic injuries. one of the females is what we call priority one which is serious and life-threatening. the other is not
office when vincent gray takes over as mayor. >> what would cause a man to shoot a doctor and his mother and turn the gun on himself? that's coming up. we have some much-needed rain from yesterday it. there's21hñ a [ male announcer ] you can't un-smoke a cigarette. and you can't go back and un-do the times you tried quitng.. ♪ but evsmoker was a non-smoker once. you could be again. for many, smokinis a treatable mecal condition. so talk to your doctor about prescripon treatment optis and support. and make this ti, your time. >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> he was really close to my mother also. >> at johns hopkins, a hospital shooting. good morning, washington. it'soniñ friday, september 17. i am pamela brown. >> i am alison starling. breaking news also near the shooting of the grounds of the capitol building. but we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has a check on the forecast. >> the humidity is dropping. clouds are clearing out. we got some rain yesterday that we needed. where we needed the most is will we got it.
for the first time since d.c.'s primary election, vincent gray and mayor fenty appeared atn event together. they attended a democratic party une breakfast today. how they plan to unify the party. >> what better way to make sure that democratic party is yubted than to sit down to breakfast. it is a sign of things to come for the democratic party. mayor e-lect vincent gray, and adrian fenty hand in hand, as the party plans too in a new direction. it is important among council members, hoping that fenty would win. >> we have a new nominee. voters have spoken it is time to come together, everydy who ran, everybody who cares about washington, and work on the things important to us. >> reporter: some of those include the future direction for d.c. schools and the chancellor, michelle rhee. something to consider sooner than later. >> give vincent gray a chance to work something up to the council and they will react. >> i think it would be a great loss to the city to jeopardize the momentum that has been built for change. i mean, there are ways to do this differently. let's make sure that we contin
. >>> the results are in. vincent gray has won the democratic primary in the race for d.c. mayor. the council mayer chan beat out mayor fenty. with 90% of precincts reporting, matt acland joins us from northwest. >> reporter: it was a long evening for many folks watching this campaign so closely. remember the polls closed at 8:00 last night but we didn't start getting any results until hours later. in fact the board of elections is being criticized for taking just too much time. but right around 2:00 this morning, the chairman vincent gray decided it was time to go out and greet his supporters. we have some video of that. he showed up at a local hotel and there were a lot of people cheering for him. 90% of the precincts reporting this morning. just to give you an idea of the numbers, 59,000, right around that, for chairman gray. and then mayor fenty came in right around 50,000 votes. the chairman telling the crowd last night, it's time to get past this campaign and everyone come together in the district and move forward. >> make no mistake, we will work tirelessly to put district residents back to
do want to point out and make sure that folks know that you did support vincent gray for mayor. >> i did. >> let's talk about this. here's the headlines in the morning's post. reed is likely to head for the door. and she wednesday night called the election of vincent gray devastating for the school children. were you surprised to hear those words used? >> i was surprised to hear her say that. i think it was an unfortunate statement. but she has made clear over the campaign that she was very pro- . and it is not surprising that she selected her. >> you make a good point since you did appoint her. they work closely together. they were very like-minded in terms of what needed to be done in schools and how it needed to be done. but generally speaking, don't they all want the same thing for d.c. school children? >> absolutely. and one thing that is easily forgotten is that it took a council vote, led by chairman gray to give mayoral control to the mayor. and extraordinary powers to the chancellor. he supported that. he supports a strong chancellor. and he will not go back, i believe, on t
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